Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 12 & 13

What exciting few weeks for our district!  Congratulations to our football team for an awesome season and accomplishment.  Our class certainly enjoyed talking about their winning games.

We were also busy learning about America's history, especially the journey of Pilgrims.  Here is a story book that we created.

We also enjoyed making butter with Mrs. Nebelsick's class.  We shook and shook and shook heavy whipping cream... then... we were pleasantly surprised how tasty homemade butter was!

Next Week

Water Helper--- Kelso
Friday --- Sight Words Test

History Sharing
Since we are learning about the past in social studies, I would like to have a special show & share event this week.  I am hoping that each child can bring something from their past.  This could be a toy they had as a baby or a book or a piece of clothing they had as an infant.  They could also share something from another family member's past.  This is a wonderful way for us to talk about past and present.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Week 11

We had a VERY busy week!
On Tuesday we voted for president.  Our class reelected President Obama as well.


On Wednesday we took a trip to Bank Midwest.  We took a tour of the bank and learned about saving and earning interests.  The class of 2024 received a gift of $250 from the bank to save and earn interests until they are seniors of high school.  Then they will decide how they will spend this gift of money.

On Friday we had our first R.I.F. (Reading Is Fun/Fundamental) celebration.  
  Please ask your child about all the activities that they participated in.  
Thank you to all the parent volunteers who made this day so successful!

Thank You
Thank you for taking time to join me at the parent-teacher conference.  It was great to see you and share your child's progress.  I would appreciate your continuous support. 

Next Week
Water helper --- Jazmine
Sight Words Test --- Thursday