Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week 13

America's History
We have been busy learning about America's history.  Please ask your child about Native Americans, Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims' journey on the Mayflower.

First Graders Off to See the World
We read the book "The Rooster Off to See the World" by Eric Carle with Mrs. Cavin's class in Georgia and co-created books that follow pattern from the book.

Book 1
Benson, Mason, Karter, Kiana, Faith, Merek
Book 2
Kloi, Tory, Alex, Preston, Alex, Sam
Book 3
Abi, Keegan, Saige, Isabella, Sicily, Ryker
Book 4
Faith, Nicky, Addison, J.D., Keagan, Jarred

Upcoming Events
Wednesday, November 27--- @1:45 Dismissal
Thursday, November 28 & Friday, November 29 --- NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, December 3 --- Reading is Fundamental celebration
Thursday, December 5 --- Holiday Concert @9:00am

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 12

Thank You
Thank you for taking time to come to the parent teacher conference.  It was great to be able to share your child's progress with you.

Social Studies
We had a busy week learning about Veterans Day and researching Native American tribes.  We will share our findings via Kidblog.  Stay tuned!

We are exploring numbers in tens and ones, missing number in number sentence (ex. 3+__=7) and comparing numbers (<,>.=).  

Verbs vs. Nouns
We learned what verbs and nouns were. We will continue on a verb and noun search next week!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, November 27th- Early Dismissal at 1:45 (Professional Development)
November 28th & 29th- No School (Thanksgiving Break)
Thursday, December 5th- Winter Program at the SAMI
Wednesday, December 11th- Early Dismissal at 1:45 (Professional Development)
Wednesday, December 23rd- No School (Professional Development)
December 24th- January 5th- No School (Winter Break)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week 11

Skype with Ms. Murashige's Class
We enjoyed skyping with Ms. Mrashige's 6th graders in Hawaii.  We read Eric Carle's "Where Are You Going?" in English to them.  They read it in Japanese!  It was interesting to hear a different language.  They also taught us a sign for "good bye" hawaiian style! 

Bank Midwest Trip
On Tuesday we visited Bank Midwest. They were very generous to give our class (class of 2025) $250, which the students will decide how to spend when they are seniors.  We also had opportunities to tour different parts of the bank.  Please ask your child about the trip!

Upcoming Events
November 12 & 14 --- Parent/Teacher conferences 
November 15 ---NO SCHOOL
November 27 --- Early Out
November 28 & 29 --- Thanksgiving Break

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Week 10

Halloween Fun
We had a great fun on Halloween day.  Everyone looked cute, handsome or spooky in their costumes! The party was filled with laughter and excitement.  Special thanks go to Addison, Merek, Alex, Sam, Tory and Faith's moms for throwing a wonderful time!

Vegetable Tasting Fun
We have been learning a lot about plants. On Wednesday we tried some vegetables and discussed what parts of plants we were actually eating. We have discovered that broccolis are flowers!  Many of us surprised ourselves to know that spinach tasted pretty good!  Some of us blogged about this experience.

Upcoming Events
Tuesday, November 5 --- First grade Bank Midwest trip in the morning
Tuesday, November 12 & Thursday, November 14 --- Parent-Teacher Conferences
Friday, November 15 --- NO SCHOOL

Water Helpers