Sunday, February 24, 2013

week 25

What a fun week of discovering! After reading a fiction story called "Hattie and the Fox," we listed what we wonder about real foxes. We wondered about what they eat, where they live and sleep, if they have a life cycle, if they are fast, etc.  Then I read an informational book on foxes to the class.  We found answers to our wonders.  Each child worked hard on writing a fox report.  I gave them a choice of publishing their report using Educreations app on iPad.  Of course, everyone chose to do so.  You can find their report on their blog.

Next Week
Family Fun Night on Monday 6:00-8:00
NO SCHOOL on Tuesday due to the state basketball tournament

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 24

Thanks to Izzie's mom for planning the Valentine's party!  We also appreciate Levi's mom for helping us with the party and Ava's family for providing yummy treats!  We had a sweet day:)

Next Week

Wate Helper --- Ava
Show & Share on Friday
Sight Words test on Friday

Family Fun Night on Monday 6:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Week 23

We had a very tough week in first grade.  A tragedy of loosing one of our students is unbearable.  Our students had a lot of questions about what happened.  They had a chance to write a card to Jonah if they chose to.  I was encouraged by what many students said to Jonah.  "You will celebrate your birthdays in heaven." "You will get pretty wings and a spinning thing on your head." "I'm sorry that you died... But you will have a good time in heaven."  I know that death is such a hard concept for 6/7 year old to fully understand, but I was amazed by their positive thoughts and encouragements.  Thank you for helping your child get through this tough time.

Monday was our 100th day.  We chose not to use the word "celebrate" but still did some activities.
Here are some photos of us going on a QR code hunt.  We had to scan the codes to find math problems.  When we answered all the questions right, a secret message was revealed:).

Our trip to the Lakeside Lab was wonderful! Enjoy the photos below.  I will also send you a link to your child's Educreations.

Next Week
Water helper --- Alisha
Valentine's Day Party on Thursday
NO SCHOOL on Friday, February 15