Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 30 & April Calendar

Charles from Dickinson County Nature Center came to teach us more about minerals and rocks.  We learned that so many items around us are made from minerals that are found in rocks.  We will continue investigating rocks next week.

Here is an April calendar.
We will be having a poetry party on Thursday, April 25 at 12:30.  You are invited to this party!  Please mark your calendar.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 26 & 27

We have had busy two weeks of thinking and learning!  

In Social Studies we learned about American Symbols from our classmates!
Small group of students worked together to list what they knew about an American symbol of their choice, brainstorm questions, and research to find answers.

Here are the presentations that they created!  Hats off to first grade researchers.

Kelso, Aiden, Fran

Jayden, Leila, Levi

Izzie, Alisha, Payten, Brandon

Tyler, Ava, Charlotte

Madison, Jazmine, Dillen

On March 6, we celebrated World Read Aloud Day with Mrs. Wideen's first graders in Ontario, Canada.  We were able to connect with then through Google Hangout.  We read a passage called "The Three Bears" together.

There was another class that was supposed to join us from Portland, Oregon, but the internet connection was not cooperating for them.  Also I invited a children's book author Jeanette Hopkins to read her books to our class, but again, internet connection was a problem.  I would like to try it again sometime.

Please check your child's blog to check out what kind of learning they are up to!

Upcoming Events

RIF on Tuesday, March 12 
**Please send a teddy bear with your child for this celebration.

Andy Gross Show preview on Tuesday afternoon

Rock Unit
**Please have your child find a rock to observe and investigate.