Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have updated the snack calendar.  Please check it by clicking on the link on the side.

February is filled with special holidays and activities.

Feb. 3 (Fri.) --- Reading Month Celebration/ Dragon Parade @8:30
Feb. 7 (Tues.) --- 100th Day of School*
Feb. 10 (Fri.) --- Reading Month Celebration/ Book Mark Craft
Feb. 14 (Tues.) --- Valentine's Day Party**
Feb. 24 (Fri.) --- Reading Month Celebration/ Fortune Cookies & Craft

Besides celebrating the 100th day of school and Valentine's Day, we will learn about the presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  We will also review dental health.  In math, we will start learning how to count coins.  Our goal for first grade is to count dimes, nickels and pennies mixed up to $1.00.  Any practice that your child can do at home will be very helpful.

*We will be celebrating our 100th day of school on Tuesday, February 7.  Our first grade classrooms have many fun activities planned for that day.  You can help by collecting 100 of something with your child.  We have had children bring 100 popcorn kernels, 100 m&m’s, 100 paper clips, 100 raisins, 100 seeds, etc. Our goal is to see what 100 looks like.  Please have your collection here by Monday, February 6th.

**Are you interested in helping with the Valentine's Day party?  If so, please let me know!  It will be from 12:30 - 1:30.

Thank you for all your support!