Saturday, January 14, 2012

Solid & Liquid

We have been studying three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas.

We learned that solids have its own shape, and it stays unless we add some force to change it.  We cut, taped, bent and folded paper (our solid) to create new shapes.  Everyone came up with new creation.  Very creative bunch of scientists!

Discovery: Once you change the shape of an object, it will stay in its new form.

We also conducted an experiment with water (liquid).
Question 1: Which container has the most amount of water?
Answer:  18 students said C.  3 students said all the same.

Question 2: How can we find out?
Answer:  The students said, "Pour the water into the same containers (plastic cups)." :D

Please ask your child what the finding was!!

Discovery: Water (liquid) does not have its own shape (it fills up the container that liquid goes in).  If you want to compare the amount of liquid, you have to use the same size & shape containers.

Great job, scientists!