Monday, April 8, 2013

Rock Tour

We spent last three weeks learning about rocks.  Today we took a Google Earth tour to some neat sites in the world.  Our stops were the followings:
As you can see we had a blast visiting some natural rock formations as well as the rock structures.

Do you know a place where we can find cool rocks?


  1. Mrs. Muller's had a discussion about where in Colorado that we can find rocks. We live very close to the Rocky Mountains and we see lots of different kinds of rocks here. As you drive up to the mountains, you can see the different rock layers on the side of the road. The layers are different colors. Also, a fun fact about Colorado is that we have towns named after the kinds of rocks found there. For example we have Basalt, CO where they found the most basalt rocks. We have Red Rocks, CO, where they have found the most red rocks. We also, have towns named after the minerals found there. Golden, CO and Silverton, CO are fun places to visit!

  2. Thank you for the interesting information about Colorado. We learned that the rocks that have layers are called sedimentary rocks. We will try to find those towns on Google Earth some time.