Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 31

This week we investigated 3D shapes in math.  As we sorted and played with the shapes, we asked ourselves the following questions.  Can the shapes roll or slide?  Can we stack them on top of each other?  Here are our findings.
1. A 3D shape rolls if it has a round side.
2. A 3D shape slides if it has a flat side (=face).
3. We can stack them when they have more than two flat faces.

We had opportunities to connect with two classes through Skype and Google Hangout this week.  The first class was Mrs. Schreier's 2nd grade class in Manson Northwest Webster School in Iowa.  We shared our writing piece "All About Me."  It was great to listen to older students and their writing.   The second class was Mrs. Langhus's 1st grade class in Portland, Oregon.  We read a Three Little Pigs passage together.  We asked them what time it was in Oregon.  To our surprise, it was only 10:45 in the morning (it was 12:45 over here:)!  We also noticed that they were wearing uniforms.  Some of us thought it would be fun to wear a uniform over here, too!

Starting next week, our class will participate in the Primary Global Blogging Community Project.  We will have three other classes to work on this project.  It will be a great opportunity for us to see what other schools are like and also to share our learning with them.

Next Week
** I will have a substitute on Tuesday and Wednesday due to a district committee responsibility.  If you need to get hold of me, please either e-mail me or contact Dana in the office.