Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 4

International Dot Day
On Monday we celebrated International Dot Day!  This celebration was lead by Peter H. Reynolds, the author of a children's book called "The Dot" to celebrate children's creativity and imagination.
We started our day making a class dot on the ground. Our class also decided that we could spell SL for Spirit Lake using dots.  Thanks to our custodian, Doug Johnson for climbing to the roof to take pictures! 

We had fun making a dot art. Some of us tried pointillism using water color, markers or on iPad.  Some of us designed a dot just like Vashti did in the Dot book.

We also enjoyed making sculpture using the Dots candy and tooth picks!  Each child posted their creation on their blog. Please make sure to visit your child's blog!

(Thank you for taking time to leave comments on their blog.  The smile on their face when they read your comments is PRICELESS!!!)

I am so proud to announce... our class reached 20 minutes of stamina on read to self!!! Wow, what an accomplishment! On day 1, our stamina was less than 1 minute!  Now that we learned how to be an independent and responsible reader, I can start meeting with small groups and individuals for reading instructions and conferences. 

Scholastic Book Order
Due Date: Friday, September 27
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Upcoming Events
1:45 dismissal on Wednesday, September 25

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