Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week 18

Welcome Back!
It was great to see everyone after a long break.  I enjoyed listening to the highlights of their vacation.  We also spent some time revisiting school expectations.  The students worked in groups to review rules and expectations, made a poster and taught each other.  They also showed great team work deciding what to write, photograph and taking turns.

Winter Fun
We have so much fun in the snow at recess.  Please make sure to send boots, snow pants, hat, and gloves everyday! If they don't have boots or snow pants, they have to stay on the concrete area:(

Help Please!
We will be studying shapes next few weeks.  I would like to have some real life recycle items for us to investigate.  Examples are cereal boxes, empty soup cans, toilet paper tubes, etc.  In the end, we will build sculpture using these items.  To ensure safety for every student, please avoid containers that had peanuts or tree nuts products.   Thank you!  

Next Week
Water Helper --- Ryker
Wednesday, January 15 --- Charles from Dickinson County Nature Center will come to teach us about water cycle.