Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 22

100th Day Celebration
We had a blast celebrating the 100th day of school!

After making an awesome hat, everyone picked a way to explore, show & have fun with 100 like...

running for 100 seconds:)
drawing 100 things... 

Counting 100 items by 10's

building with 100 pattern blocks,

building with 100 Legos

building with 100 toothpicks!

finding 100 pencils in the classroom

tossing 100 pompoms into a bucket (he made 72 in!)

passing a ball 100 times

kicking a ball 100 times

finding numbers 1-100 by Finn

We also counted the 100 collections. Please check your child's blog!

Digital Learning Day
Wednesday was Digital Learning Day. Here is a list of what we use almost daily.

(The children could not believe it when I told them I did not have any of the things listed on the chart when I was in first grade:)

We connected with our learning partners.
With Mr. Ross's class in Webster City, we used a backchannel called Today's Meet to write a story from the cat's point of view. Mr. Ross's class was the fish!

With Mrs. Cavin's class in Georgia, we played a shape hunt game on Twitter.
You can view the entire Tweet session here

.Upcoming Events
Wednesday, February 12 --- 1:45 Dismissal
Friday, February 14 --- Valentine's Day 
(Please find a note about the valentines in your child's Friday Folder)
Thursday, February 20 --- Lakeside Lab Field Trip in the afternoon
***Please let me know if you are interested in chaperoning on this trip.

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