Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 28 & 29

St. Patrick's Day
We had fun participating a global project counting Lucky Charm cereal charms. We shared our predictions with Mrs. Malchow's class in Wisconsin via Twitter. Later we shared the results with them on a Skype call.  Our class findings were; 1) We had more clovers than any other shapes (91). 2) Mrs. Malchow's class had more charms in their box even though we had the same size of box. 3) Ten frames were good tools to count the charms. 

283 classes, 5366 students in the U.S. and Canada participated in this project. Here is the result.

Community Comparison
Our learning buddies, Mrs. Langus's first graders in Portland, Oregon were learning about communities just like us. We decided to ask about each other's community via Twitter. Here are some questions and answers.

After corresponding we came to a conclusion that we live in a rural community and Mrs. Langhus's class live in an urban community. We also enjoyed "visiting" their community on Google Earth. Please check your child's blog to see their comparing and contrasting.
Also please stay tuned for the poems that we wrote about our community!

Rock Unit
We will be learning about rocks next few weeks. Please help your child find a rock outside. We talked about "just right" rock to bring to school:)
Charles Vigdal came to teach us about rocks & minerals and different kids of rocks. We are ready to think and learn like geologists! 

Please Mark Your Calendar!
We will have a poetry party on Wednesday, April 16 from 10:30-11:00. Parents, siblings and grandparents are invited!!

April Water Helper Calendar