Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 2

This week was a short week but filled with learning!


  • calendar routine
  • counting sets of objects
  • learning new math games
  • story problems
Language Arts
  • building stamina on "read to self" (independent reading)
  • writing a short story
  • Word Journeys (word family spelling program)
  • listening to stories
  • Monarch butterfly life cycle
  • insect characteristics
  • insect hunt

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We have a class Twitter account. We share our learning, experiences, questions and wonders. By Tweeting to the world, we connect with other first grade classes around the world. This week we received some encouragements. Check them out!!

Then, we received this...

All students were so proud to read this message from Colorado! What a great motivation for us to keep reading! If you have a Twitter account, follow @mrsdegrootclass or you can see our Twitter feed on the right.