Saturday, October 18, 2014

Week 8

What a beautiful fall week we had! We enjoyed spending some time outside this week:)

Columbus Day
On Monday we celebrated Columbus Day by learning about Columbus's Journey and his character traits. We thought he was brave, courageous, patient, exciting and nice. Then we brainstormed where we would like to go if we were an explorer like Columbus. Here is what we said.

Seed Day
We enjoyed looking at different kinds of seeds. We discovered that the seeds come in different sizes, shapes, colors and texture. Thank you for helping your child with this activity!

Leaf Art
On Wednesday we enjoyed going outside looking at the trees and leaves. We picked up some leaves and made pictures. Please check your child's blog to view their art!

Global Read Aloud
We read "I'm Here!" by Peter Reynolds this week. We thought that Peter Reynolds wanted us to learn how to be "here" for our friends. We brainstormed the ways we could be here for our friends, then made a paper airplane (as shown in the book). It was great to see everyone helping each other to create the paper airplane.  

We went outside to fly our planes. 

We also played a "All About Me" matching game with Mrs. Flicek's first grade class in Green bay, Wisconsin. Please ask your child about the game at home:)

On Friday, October 31, there will be a costume parade right away in the morning. Your child may come to school dressed in his/her costume. Please make sure to send change of clothes along.