Saturday, December 6, 2014

Week 14 & 15

History Unit
We have learned so much about America's history. Before Thanksgiving we created a book about the first Thanksgiving. We also enjoyed homemade butter by shaking some heavy whipping cream. 

We also had fun searching the countries of our origin. We've found out that the majority of our families' ancestors came from Germany.

History Sharing
As a part of out history unit, I would like to have a past sharing time. Your child will be asked to bring something from their past, such as a baby blanket, clothing item, baby book, stuffed animal or other items from their past. The sharing item could also be an artifact that belongs to a family member. We will have a sharing session on Wednesday & Thursday.

Music Concert
The children did a fantastic job singing on the stage! It was great to see many of you in the audience.

 Math Talks
We have been participating math talks on Twitter along with other first grade classes. I ask an open ended question on Twitter every week. The students share their mathematical thinking using a hashtag #mtgr1. It has been a great opportunity to talk math, share our ideas and learn from students from other schools. Please view the Twitter feed on the side to see your child's Tweet or click here. This week some of us also shared our math talk on the Kidblog as well.