Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week 18

Happy New Year! It was great to see everyone's smiling face at school, even though we were there only part of the day & week... I have to say I was very proud of everyone going with the flow with the altered schedule and still having so much stamina working on their jobs!

I hope we will have a better weather up coming weeks. Here is what is ahead in each subject area:

Language Arts
  • reading with fluency
  • reading informational (nonfiction) texts
  • incorporating interesting words in writing
  • writing informational pieces
  • comparing and contrasting events in texts 
  • number bonds
  • missing addends
  • fact families
  • story problems
  • 2 digit addition
  • properties of matter (solid, liquid, gas)
  • Water cycle
Social Studies
  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Rosa Parks
  • Ruby Bridges 
  • discussing fairness, peace and friendship
Christmas Party
Before the break, we had a lot of fun at our Christmas party. Special thanks to Solomon, Lucas, Carter & Olivia's families for planning a great party. Also thanks to Indy's family for sending us some yummy treats:)