Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 20

Our week was full of discoveries! We discovered...

  • who Martin Luther King, Jr was and what his dreams were. 
  • who Rubie Bridges was and why she is famous.
  • where snow goes after it melts.
  • that wet paper towels dry because water in them evaporates and go into the air.
  • good tools to use when we are adding 2-digit numbers! They are base ten blocks and number chart.
  • symbols for greater than & less than.
I am so proud of all the thinking that took place in our classroom. One of my goals for the rest of the school year is to encourage students to take risks to wonder and think. Great learning takes place when children are taking ownership for self discovery! When I step back and take a role of facilitator in children's learning, I never quite know what paths we will take to get to the learning goals. However, I know that the greatest learning happens on those paths. I'm looking forward to sharing our adventure with you!

Here are some pictures of us working on Martin Luther King, Jr. research.