Monday, May 4, 2015

Go Green for the Blue Planet Project

During the Earth Day week, we watched this video from Wonderopolis.

After viewing the video, we had big questions.

What happens to trash? 
Why do people litter?
What kind of effects do trash have on animals? 
What can we do to help?

We spent some time investigating and researching how to take better care of our Earth.
We would like you to take a moment to view the following videos to learn what we could do to help keep Earth a safe and healthy home for everyone.

Book made by Evelyn

Puppet show made by Luke, Kucas, Kierstin & Olivia

Video made by Indy, Nolan & Racheal

Video Created by Wes, Carter & Solomon

Video Created by Mackenzie, Isaiah, Jaedyn & Alex

Poster Created by Karlie & Lauren

Well, what do you think?
Please leave a comment to let us know your thoughts!
Thank you!


  1. Awesome job 1st grade! We recycle at the Schneider household! Go Green!

  2. Great Job everyone in Mrs. DeGroot's class! Every little bit matters, doesn't it!!!

  3. Such creative and informative videos! Great thinking, 1st graders!

  4. Way to go first graders! I can tell you guys have learned a lot about ways to help keep our Earth clean! We can definitely all work together to make a difference! Good job teaching others on how to recycle, reuse and and make our Earth a better and safer place for all! I'm proud of you guys!
    The Trautmans

  5. Nice work! It shows the great message of what we do has an impact on others!

  6. Wow! Way to go Mrs. DeGroot's Class! I am so glad to see how much thought everyone has put into keeping our earth clean. It is so important. Be proud of yourselves! Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Yay! Leslie Felton

  7. Mrs. Stoufer's class says thanks for sharing this with us. We think you did a great thing encouraging us to pick up litter and not to litter. We think you did a great job and thank you for informing us in such a cool way. We are glad you picked us to share with!

  8. So proud of you, 1st graders. You did an amazing job of letting people know what the problem is and what people could do to help. We don't want to harm the animals. I also loved all of the different ways you shared your message. Thank you!