Sunday, September 11, 2011

What is Word Journey?

Did you find a spelling test in your child's Friday folder?  It is a Word Journey test.
Word Journey is a spelling program.  Your child will work at their level and learn patterns in spelling.  At the beginning of each week, I introduce a set of words that follow specific patterns.  For example, the words for this week ended with -at, -ap or an.  We practice reading and writing the words to get familiar with the patterns in the words. An assessment is given on Friday or the fifth day. 

We had another great week of learning.

Charles from Dickinson County Nature Center came to teach us more about Monarch butterfly.  We released five tagged butterflies.  One of our chrysalises turned into a butterfly!  It was a week sooner than we predicted, but we released a healthy male butterfly off to south.

Next week is our homecoming week.  Lots of excitement!!!
Dress up days every day!  My favorite is Pajama Day (Monday)!
A tattoo will be for sale on Friday for 75 cents a piece and a parade in the afternoon (2:30ish?).

Please remember that we have a professional development day on Monday, September 19.