Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 20

Have you visited your child's blog this week?  If you haven't, please do it first!!!

On Monday we got to Face Time with Izzie's mom who was visiting India.  It was exciting to see her on a screen even though she was on the other side of the world!  We could hear her loud and clear.  We all had great questions to ask her.  It was interesting to see what people wear, the way they carry things (on their head), language they speak and write and a lot more!  Some students blogged about what they learned about India:)  Thanks Angie for taking time to talk to us!

We worked on fiction story writing.  We focused on including characters, setting, problem and solution  in our story.  We also improved our writing by adding "voice" such as sounds, noise, or what the character said.  Most of us chose to read the story and record our voice.  You can find the recording on your child's blog.

We spend more time exploring solids in science.  I was amazed to know all the thinking that my first graders are doing!  iPads and blogging are really giving us more opportunities to voice our thinking and learning.  Of course the best part is that we can share them with you also!

Next Week
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Sight Word Test on Friday
Show & Share on Friday