Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week 21

To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day, we learned a lot of facts about segregation and works that Dr. King went through to make our country a better place for EVERYONE. After reading a book called "Martin's Big Words," we brainstormed his big words (below).  Then we wrote our own big words.  We created a poster on the iPad.  It was sent home through so please make sure to check it out.

We also read a story of Ruby Bridges.  We could not believe hardship that 6-year-old Ruby went through.  We wrote a letter to Ruby.  I was very touched by their compassion and sincere empathy that my students expressed in their letters.  I actually sent a link of this Little Bird Tales to Ms. Bridges' official site.  I hope she will have time to view it some day.

Next Week
Water helper --- Tyler
Sight Word Test --- Friday (I haven't had time to test lately... I will make this happen!)

Upcoming Event
100th Day of School

We will be celebrating our 100th day of school on Monday, February 4. Our first grade classrooms have many fun activities planned for that day. You can help by collecting 100 of something with your child. We have had children bring 100 popcorn kernels, 100 m&m’s, 100 paper clips, 100 raisins, 100 seeds, etc. Our goal is to see what 100 looks like. Please have your collection here by Friday, February 1st.

Lakeside Lab Field Trip
Our class is going on a field trip on Wednesday, February 6.  It will be there most of the morning.  I am looking for two chaperones.  We will be participating in activities in the lab as well as hiking down to the lake.  Please let me know if you are interested!  

Valentine's Day party will be on February 14.  If you are interested in organizing the party, please let me know.